- Corporate Events (Corporate events ,Incentives, etc)

- Sport Events (Competitions , Training , etc)

- Training Sessions

- Summer/Winter Camps (skate, snow, bike , etc)

- Film and photo sessions (stuntman safety, movie effects, etc)

- Free Fall Events (Static ,Mobile platform )

- Free solo climbing


Why Big Airbag


What WE stand for

- Above all safety, learning to take your first jump or working on that big air the Airbag is much safer than landing on hard ground and ice.

- Confidence , gaining confidence makes learning that new trick progress much faster.

- Mobility , the Airbag can be setup nearly anywhere typically in under two hours and ready for operations.

- Durable, like we say it can handle it all. With the Kevlar top sheet and excellent construction downtime will not be an issue.

- Free Fall Events, take that fear of heights away and let it fly into our Airbag. Many repeat clients during events , just one jump is not enough.

safety & Regulations



Established in 2015, Vertical X Freestyle is built on Action Sports Progression and just pure fun, isn't that what freestyle is. So lets bring the fun to Alberta for all to enjoy.  Big Airbag Netherlands built the Revolution 3 50' X 50' X 10' and is a dual compartment Airbag that utilizes 3 blower fans to maintain the perfect landing softness. Bikes and boards are no match for the Kevlar top sheet ensuring your fun goes un-interrupted  all day long.
The free fall platform is constructed from scaffolding and allows jump heights at the 7 and 9 meter heights.

Give us a call if you have any questions or just want to to chat it up with us.

At Vertical X Freestyle, we specialize in....

- Public and Private Free fall (Bag Jumping) events

- FMX, BMX, MTX jump sessions

- Skate and Snow sessions.

Like we said the Big airbag can handle anything, just test us.

- Big Airbag Revolution 3 Airbag

- 9 Meter System Scaffold Free Fall platform

- 17 Ton 70' Reach picker making installation and    setup quick.

- 9' FMX/BMX Kicker Ramp

- First Aid Trained Staff

- Certified Big Airbag operators

- Fully licensed and CGL insured for operations in Canada

- Perfect safety fitness status